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Ghana Service Trip

Dr. Julie was first introduced to Ghana, and their desperate need for dental care when she traveled with Global Brigades and Denison University students as a volunteer dentist. She joined her son, Nick, who was the organizer of the student-led volunteer service trip to the coastal region. Later she went on to volunteer again in Ghana through Refugee Outreach Club, by providing dental services and eventually joining their board.

Today, One World Brigades (OWB) has partnered with Refugee Outreach Club to provide ongoing dental services to Ghana’s Volta region. She has since built strong relationships in the area and has earned the blessing of the Paramount Chief.

“We are greeted by the locals with an African welcoming ceremony where they’re dancing with hot pots of oil lit on fire on their head,” explains Dr. Julie. With 10-12 student volunteers per trip, OWB provides an intimate experience for the students to be exposed to the local culture. This includes home visits to those patients who can’t travel, for a truly immersive perspective of the region’s lifestyle. A regular team of in-country directors, along with the OWB board, provide continuity and consistency for students with each trip, and always keep an emphasis on safety. While Ghana borders many violent countries, the Volta region is a historically safe locale. The local support team helps provide guidance on safety awareness and security.

What we need:

  • Equipment and supplies: Dental chairs, dental instruments, lights, solar panels, etc.
  • Corporate Matching: Corporations match employee donations to certified, non-profit organizations and humanitarian causes.
  • Medical Professionals: Medical staffing teams take one-week shifts in the spirit of “voluntourism.”

Contact us to learn how you can donate, contribute equipment or supplies, or get involved and volunteer.

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